Mitsubishi Lancer CJ Battery
Mitsubishi Lancer CJ Battery

Mitsubishi Lancer CJ Battery

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Make: Mitsubishi
Model: Lancer CJ 2.0lt & 2.4lt
Year: 2006-2015
Dimensions: L230 x W172 x H195
CCA: 500
Warranty: 2 years

AC Delco Advantage maintenance free batteries feature lead calcium expanded grids for improved resistance to corrosion, overcharging, gassing & self discharge all of which limit life in conventional lead acid batteries.
  1. Built in hydrometer - Indicates state of charge
  2. Polypropylene case - Supports battery elements from road shock & vibrations
  3. Low resistance envelope separator - Encapsulated negative plates help to prevent shorting between negative & positive plates.
  4. Flame arrester - Safety system, helps prevents explosion from sparks outside the battery,minimises acid leaks.
AC Delco the name you can trust which has been around for the last century.